Design and Sale of  PV Modules Production Lines

ASTECHNOLOGY makes its know-how available to the customer. We are a leading manufacturing company for pv panels and we offer service for the installation of new production lines. Besides the supply of all the needed equipments and machinery, we make our technicians available  for the start-up phases of the new manufacturing line.

With the “turn-key package” we indeed play along with you from the design of the manufacturing site, to the definition of the bill of materials ensuring you short time for the effective start-up of the new production line. 


Design and Construction of Turnkey PV and Hybrid Plants

The "turnkey" philosophy is a guarantee for the supply of all-inclusive products and services.

ASTECHNOLOGY offer consulting, design, sales and installation services for small or large photovoltaic systems. We offer solutions for roof- or ground-based systems, connected or not connected to the traditional power grid.

Each technical proposal shall be accompanied by a plan of investment “molded” to the real needs of the customer. We will take care of the whole project, from the first request for authorization to the last paperwork necessary for the plant disposal.

Especially for systems that are not connected to the electricity grid, such as the stand-alone systems, we have also developed so-called hybrid systems, in which PV is combined with wind energy.


Maintenance and Control Systems for PV Installations - Monitoring and Cleaning

For the proper functioning of your photovoltaic system it is necessary to monitor its performance and arrange a proper maintenance schedule.

Monitoring a photovoltaic system means gathering production data from inverters and energy meters, but it is also essential to acquire environmental data such as solar radiation, temperature of modules, wind intensity and speed, outer temperature, presence of rain.

You also need to analyze the data you have collected, in order to plan both routine and special operations, such as cleaning of modules, control of tracking systems, start of cooling or ventilation in the so-called utility room. All these data are then make available to the customer though an interactive portal by means of which it is possible to monitor the situation of its own investment.

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